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Kurtisleny:   New article Why You Lose Hair  (01/23/2012)
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free poker sitesKurtisleny:   "In recent years, the sizes of wine glasses have increased–and so, perhaps, have the sizes of servings–but the extra capacity is better devoted to still air space that traps the wine’s bouquet." to article Everything You Wanted to Know About Wine Glasses But Were Afraid to Ask  (10/13/2011)
Kurtisleny:   "I think most people would be interested in hearing" to article How to make a great presentation  (10/13/2011)
Kurtisleny:   "while men on the other hand are usually more calculated about their decisions and tend to remove emotion and feelings from the equation and only focus on the objective of the situation" to article Psychology of men  (10/13/2011)
Kurtisleny:   "For me, I need 3 litres of beer or a pint of liquor. Suffice to say that I do not 'drink to get drunk' as that would get expencive! " to article Do you know what you're drinking? - Alcohol and Units  (10/13/2011)


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